About Us.

Our Aim: 
To reduce the rate of Mortality & Morbidity caused by Cancer in Africa.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide Access to Definitive Cancer Diagnosis.
  • Develop Population-Based Cancer data to serve as a foundation for both Local and National Cancer Control Plans & Policies.
  • Provide High-quality Screening Services.

Our Key Result Indicators:

  • A reduction in the rate of Late Diagnosis.
  • A Increase in Health Literacy regarding Cancer risk Factors and Symptoms.
  • Increase in local Knowledge on the appropriate Medical care options.

We understand the funding and infrastructure challenges faced by local health departments, hence the need to continue to offer our free services to help support their national and local programs.

  • What we do is very simple and sustainable.
  • How we do it is easy to replicate and
  • where we work is safe for all volunteers.

We welcome volunteers.

We welcome volunteers from every part of the world and your support and donations helps us do more each day. To make a kind donation please go www.cancelcancerafrica.org

Cancel Cancer Africa is a registered UK Charity with a mission to help reduce the rate of mortality and morbidity caused by cancer in Africa. We are concerned about the low level of awareness of the early signs and symptoms of Cancer in African communities. For more videos please click here.

Cancel Cancer Africa believes that by engaging volunteers, both medical and non-medical, to work in collaboration with health departments, we will be able to create a sustainable service.

Cancel Cancer Africa is a UK registered charity working to reduce the rate of Mortality and Morbidity caused by Cancer in rural Africa. Our charity currently operates within two rural African countries, Kenya and Nigeria. We operate in Africa through our registered charity Lift Above Cancer NGO in Nigeria in Busia, Kenya. We welcome Medical and Non-Medical volunteers from all over the world.

We employ full time registered Nurses and community health workers, who work door to door visiting the rural communities educating the people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer, as well as attend to the local people who walk into our free Centre. Since 2014, we have visited Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. In 2017, we made a strategic decision to focus on two African countries, Kenya and Nigeria over the next five years.

We laid out our long-term vision, to setup a free Health Centre in rural Nigeria and Kenya, which will set as a model for future centres across rural Africa. We laid the first brick towards this centre in Nigeria in March 2017 and propose to finish the structure before 2020. Part of our long term plan is to offer free general medical checks up and free medications for common diagnosis in the community we operate. This method has made the local people to respond more positively to our Cancer message.

We welcome organisations, governments and concerned individuals to collaborate with us to help do more in rural Africa.

1, The volunteers share educative materials about Breast cancer.
2, Trained volunteers work along side the local health team, sharing, transferring knowledge.
3, The medical team examines the local people and ask each woman to repeat the Self examination method.
4, We collect data through questionnaires.
5, Short training sessions.

What made me setup a Charity.

My name is Ronnie Jacobs, I was born in Birmingham, England and my parents are from a rural village in Edo state, Nigeria. My father died of prostate cancer in 2010. This made my mother a widow, depriving her loving husband of over 40 years of marriage and the chance of my father playing with all his lovely grandchildren.

My father never told anyone about his early symptoms and kept his illness till he died. It was a sad loss but it was made worse when we eventually found out why he died. This could have been easily prevented. This pain led me to setup a local charity to help raise cancer awareness in rural communities in Africa.

One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime and it is the second leading cause of Cancer death in men in Africa. The rate of late presentations of Cancer symptoms in rural Africa is the number one reason why the number of people dying from Cancer is very high in Africa.

Most countries in Africa do not have the facilities to care for Cancer patients. Imagine a country of over 60 million people with just one government MRI. Many poor women live in rural villages needing to travel hundreds of kilometres to the city capital hospital with the hope that she will be attended to. We’ve not even factored in the reality that these poor people cannot afford one complete meal a day.

Cancel Cancer Africa has been working in rural Africa since 2009 educating the local people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer, with a primary focus on Prostate, Cervical and Breast. In 2017 we registered our first sister NGO in Nigeria, Lift above Cancer Nigeria.

This is a huge milestone for us, as it enables us to directly employ health workers as make long term plans about services to the local people.

Our key task is:

  1. Educating people on how to self-examine themselves to be able to identify the early signs and symptoms of our primaries,
  2. Providing free examinations and screening, and
  3. Collating information to help our local NGO and the local government draw out a route map for its communities.

We are building a Community Centre in rural Africa.


See what we do in Nigeria and Kenya.