In March 2018 we laid the first brick towards building a Community Health Centre that provides a place where the local can go for free:

  • Advice and medical counselling,
  • Education on how to self-examine themselves,
  • And regular health checks.

We need your help towards completing this project. Our rural nurses are working hard to reach more people each day,  we need to  complete the centre where people will come to us.

This project is a model to enable learn the best methods to implement across similar projects in other countries in Africa.

Thank you for your kind donation.

Volunteers needed: Cancel Cancer Africa need Medical and Non medical Volunteers for rural Health Outreach in rural communities in Nigeria and Kenya

We need volunteers, both medical and non-medical, to work in collaboration with our local health workers to make our programs sustainable and a success.

  • Providing free medical checks and free medications.
  • Educating the local people on symptoms of Cancer.

We welcome volunteers from all parts of the world and your support and donations helps us do more each day. For more information about volunteering to Africa with us, please email

Volunteer with us to Africa

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